Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Black Cat

For the most wild, yet most homely narrative which I am about to pen, I neither expect nor solicit belief... however it does look like the Black Cat I purchased from Spooky Bob has decided to allow me to fling him into battle; which I suppose more than fair since I paid 1500 crows for his until now purely decorative tail. Though now that I have an unlimited supply of hex-inducing feline power, I have found myself with more Black Cat treasure cards than I know what to do with. Even as of this writing I have more than the 25 cards depicted in the delightful picture on the left. Its not that I don't like cats, in fact I am perhaps too fond of them. Anyone who has ever seen me wear a black pair of pants would be able to tell you this. I would walk away from the Haunted Tower, clutching my new golden cat card close to me... unwilling to send it into battle lest sometime next December when Halloween is long gone I get the sudden desire to hurl a wild ball of black fuzz at my opponents. 

Now they are simply a testament to how many times I have tried to figure out the secret of the wisps on the fourth floor of the Haunted Tower, which if you were wondering: Is far too many. Those little blue wisps confound and taunt me. My fruitless efforts to decipher this puzzle are thankfully not my only incentive for climbing that ghastly tower over and over again. You see Pumpkin Head, the final boss of the tower, must have been spending a lot of time in Kensington Park as he has in his possession an incredibly rare pet: Auto Madit. I am certain anyone reading this can relate to the deep desire of acquiring a pet robotic spider for themselves, especially if it doesn't involve spending two hours completing Kensington Park.

-Tarlac Sandweaver

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